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Local News Examines Impact of EZ Legislation

The following video aired on KRCR TV in Redding on August 5th:

California’s enterprise zone program, which provides tax incentives to business, could soon face drastic changes, which some business owners say could hurt their bottom line.

Many businesses in Redding enjoy using the Enterprise Zone Program. The Best Western on Hilltop Drive is just one of them. The idea behind the program is that it gives tax credits to companies who meet certain criteria. Legislation in Sacramento could make those already complicated requirements even harder to meet.

The general manager of Best Western says if they don’t get those tax credits, they’re will have to scale back: “What they’re going to see is less hours available for employees so they’ll have to go back and adjust their labor pool a little bit. Some businesses say that they might have to lay off several positions.”

With the budget deficit, some legislators thought making the program more strict would make the state more money.

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