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Many New Enterprise Zone Bills Introduced

As Friday the 22nd was the deadline to introduce new legislation, a number of legislators introduced “spot bills” dealing with the Enterprise Zone program. According to the Legislative Counsel, a “spot bill” is “A bill that amends a code section in a nonsubstantive way. A spot bill may be introduced to ensure that a germane vehicle will be available at a later date. Assembly Rules provide that a spot bill cannot be referred to a committee by the Rules Committee without substantive amendments.” In other words, it is a place-holder bill which only designated a topic, specifics to be amended in later.

So far, I have counted 13 bills that intend to deal with Enterprise Zones:

AB 28 by Assembly Member V. Manuel Pérez

AB 146 by Assembly Member Gorell (to establish a new zone in Oxnard)

AB 201 by Assembly Member Holden

AB 587 by Assembly Member Fox

AB 930 by Assembly Member Hall

AB 1079 by Assembly Member Bradford

AB 1210 by Assembly Member Brown

AB 1242 by Assembly Member Melendez

AB 1344 by Assembly Member Mansoor

AB 1345 also by Assembly Member Mansoor

SB 133 by Senator DeSaulnier

SB 228 by Senator Knight

SB 471 by Senator Berryhill

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