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May Revise Proposal on Enterprise Zones (Part 3 – Audio of Anna Matosantos)

After the Governor left the press conference, Director of Finance Anna Matosantos took over. She was also asked about the proposed changes to the Enterprise Zone program. The following is the audio of her response:

Finance Director’s Answer to Enterprise Zone Question at May Revise Press Conference from Max Shenker on Vimeo.

She also is pretty limited on details. She says that a big part of what they are trying to do is to make an incentive that is more statewide.

When asked, “So, does that mean you are not going to have the Enterprise Zones continue in their current form?” Matosantos answered, “We would restructure those two programs to do what we we think are activities that are more effective…that are more consistent with what the theory of Enterprise Zones and the hiring credit was, and not what the reality that we have seen from both of those programs.”

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