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More Businesses Leave California

The Business Location Coach reports on three new corporate headquarters leaving California and that his tally so far for 2010 is already double what happened in 2009:

In the last two days California has lost three company headquarters – Globalstar, Inc. will depart Milpitas for Louisiana, eEye of Irvine will move to Arizona, and TriZetto Group will leave Newport Beach for Colorado – which means this year we are seeing a stunning increase in company disinvestments in California.

In just the first half of the year, there have been 84 such events, nearly double what occurred through all of 2009. An “event” includes instances where companies have closed factories down, moved their headquarters or facilities to another state or country, or targeted locations elsewhere as better places to grow and therefore sent billions of dollars in capital out of state or out of the country.

Using research methods that involve public domain information only, the 84 known events for the year’s first half compare with 44 for all of last year and 35 events combined for the three-year 2006 – 2008 period.

Follow the link to see the entire list.

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