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More Cases of Employers Leaving California

The Business Relocation Coach provides some more examples of employers leaving California in recent years that he has compiled:

Events prove once again how difficult it is to assemble a list of companies that have left California. After a recent radio appearance, I was inundated with information about company departures that I’ve not previously listed. Below are additional moves that within the last week I’ve verified are accurate. (I’ve left off the list those that I’m unable to confirm through an online search or when company personnel refuse to discuss the information I received.)

2010 Moves – 4 New Moves Discovered

* Hayden Automotive, which makes auto parts in Corona, Riverside County, is relocating its entire operation to SMP-owned Four Seasons Manufacturing facilities in Grapevine and Lewisville, Texas. According to today’s Orange County Register “Hayden has 97 employees. The company notified the California Employment Development Department that it will lay off 73 people between April 1 and Oct. 1.” The move will be completed during the 2010 calendar year. See “Manufacturer leaves state for Texas.”
* Workforce Management — a magazine that focuses on human resources issues — will move from Irvine to Chicago in mid-2010.
* Malibu Boats is moving from Merced to Knoxville in 2010. Details are difficult to come by except that I know some Merced employees are buying houses in Knoxville.
* Dimensional Fund Advisors moved its headquarters from Santa Monica to Austin, Texas, with the move to be completed in 2010.

2009 – 2 Moves Discovered

* Deutsch Industrial Products Division closed its Banning, Calif., facility and moved the jobs to Tennessee in 2009.
* BRP Billet Racing Products moved from Laguna Hills to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2009.

2008 – 1 Move Discovered

* The Hershey Co. closed its chocolate plant in Oakdale, in Stanislaus County, Calif., and 600 jobs were lost by February 2008. Hershey’s kisses with almonds and Hershey’s syrup were transferred to a plant in Pennsylvania and Hershey’s miniatures to a plant in Mexico.

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