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Now For the Republican Jobs Package

From the Republican Caucus Web Site:

Stop California Jobs from Fleeing

While the Democrat so-called jobs proposal fall silent on addressing the hemorrhaging of California jobs, Senate Republicans continue to introduce meaningful measures.

Implementation of AB 32, Cap-and-Trade (SB 8x 49 Dutton)
Puts a halt to the state version of cap-and-trade – an idea that was scrapped on Capitol Hill — which would result in a staggering $143 billion “Air Tax” that would cripple our state’s economy. All Californians want clean air and water, but California cannot afford to embark on a cap and trade system alone.

Homebuyer Tax Credit (SB 8x 21 Ashburn)
A $10,000 per homebuyer tax credit will go towards the purchase of new and existing homes. The new home buyer tax credit was the most successful jobs bill the legislature passed last year. SB 8X 21 will continue that success and double the number of jobs created and make possible homeownership for thousands of Californians.

Capital Gains Tax Reduction (SB 8x 43 Dutton)
Spurs investment and employment in California by cutting the long term capital gains rates in half.

R&D Tax Credit (SB 8x 44 Dutton)
Aligns California’s research and development tax credit rate with that of the federal government’s, helping to encourage innovation and investment, and the creation of high paying jobs.

Health Savings Account (SB 8x 47 Dutton)
Increases state tax deductions for contributions to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), thereby encouraging long-term savings for health care expenses and providing an opportunity for more families to have affordable health insurance.

Energy Commission Regulations (SB 8x 68 Huff)
The California Energy Commission needs a check on its power. It must be overseen by the full legislature and, furthermore, any new regulations need to wait until California’s unemployment rate is maintained at 5.1% or lower for 3 consecutive months.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (SB 8x 59 Dutton)
Gives employers tax credits for hiring people off historically high welfare rolls, helping get Californians back to work while reducing California’s public assistance obligation.

Restore California’s Competitive Job Creation Climate

Unlike the Senate Democrats misplaced priorities as it relates to California’s desperate need for new jobs, Senate Republicans continue their focus on creating jobs by removing legislative and regulatory burdens, not publicly funded employment programs.

Jobs Protection Act (SB 8x 60 Harman)
Requires a fiscal impact analysis, a hearing and legislative approval before bills affecting business costs become law.

Out of State Health Plans (SB 8x 65 Huff)
Permits out of state healthcare plans and insurers to offer their services in California, offering competition, reigning in costs and making healthcare more affordable for everyone.

CEQA Exemptions (SB 8x 56 Hollingsworth)
Streamlines the infrastructure project permitting process, allowing shovel ready projects to start quickly and put Californians back to work.

K-12 contracting (SB 8x 61 Huff)
Gets rid of antiquated policies that limit the ability to hire the best, most cost efficient person for non-instructional jobs – such as transportation, landscaping and maintenance – allowing schools to do what is most important — teach our children.

Improve Small Business Access to Capital (SB 8x 51 Dutton)
Simplifies the business tax code to get cash flowing back to small businesses, assisting companies in their efforts to expand and hire new workers.

Manufacturers, R&D Sales and Use Tax Exemption (SB 8x 58 Dutton)
Exempts manufacturing and research and development equipment from sales and use taxes, helping California – notorious for taxing its businesses out of state — become economically competitive once again.

Veterans Hiring Tax Credit (SB 8x 63 Denham)
Provides a tax credit to private sector employers who hire veterans. There are thousands of veterans returning home to California and this measure will incentives the private sector to hire them.

Initiate Regulatory Review and Relief

Meals and Rest Periods (SB 8x 70 Dutton)
Allows more flexible and appropriate standards for employers and employees to schedule mandatory breaks throughout a shift.

New Car Sales Tax Reduction (SB 8x 46 Hollingsworth)
Allows a person trading in their used car to reduce the principle cost of a new vehicle, saving the buyer in taxes and helping the dealer sell more cars and stimulate the economy.

Eliminate Corporate Penalty (SB 8x 54 Hollingsworth)
Eliminates the existing million dollar penalty for companies that underestimate their corporate tax liability, giving companies more money to invest or expand by not having to overestimate their taxes as a precaution.

Salesperson Licensing Reform (SB 8x 67 Huff)
Allows owners of multiple car dealerships to share staff, providing their employees more opportunities to sell cars at any one dealership in an industry that has been decimated by the recession.

Delay On-Road/In-Use Diesel Regulations (SB 8x 57 Cox)
Delays the costly new diesel engine regulations enacted by The California Air Resources Board that have had an onerous effect on all transportation sectors. Delaying these regulations will help keep these small businesses keep their doors open and workers employed.

Flexible Workweek (SB 8x 66 Cox)
Allows employers to offer flexible work weeks, giving their employees the opportunity to spend more time with their families and employers more flexibility in scheduling their workers.

Systematic Review of Regulations (SB 8x 48 Dutton)
Regulations are strangling our businesses and stifling growth. Requires a review of all regulations to determine which ones are cost effective and requiring those that are not to be repealed or amended. Overregulation is strangling our businesses and stifling growth, reducing and simplifying the regulatory burden will help jump start our struggling economy.

Third-party Analysis of Economic Impact of ARB Regulations (SB 50 8x Dutton)
Requires an objective third-party to analyze the economic impact of Air Resource Board (ARB) regulations. Time after time, ARB studies have proven to be seriously flawed. This would ensure that real economic analyses are completed.

Create Full Employment Act for Entrepreneurs, Not Attorneys

Repeal of the Sue Your Boss Law (SB 8x 64 Hollingsworth)
Repeals the Private Attorneys General Act, which takes the responsibility of investigating employer misdeeds out of the hands of the Labor commission or the Attorney General and puts it into the hands of ambulance chasing lawyers. Repealing this law will lower overall costs and prevent further frivolous lawsuits.

Tort Reform (SB 8x 69 Huff)
Prevents innocent sellers from being frivolously sued for selling faulty goods they did not manufacture.

Senate Republicans agree that job creation is the number one priority. These job creation bills should be considered during the 8th Extraordinary session to expedite economic recovery as quickly as possible.

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