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Oakland Acts to Expand Enterprise Zone to Save Bayer Facility

On July 28 the Oakland City Council passed a resolution to expand their new Enterprise Zone into parts of neighboring cities of Emeryville and West Berkeley.  The City is acting with urgency because Bayer will be deciding on Aug. 18th whether to expand or wind down a major biotechnology center located in Berkeley.  Bayer has 2,000 employees at the facility.

Speaking on behalf of the EZ expansion were Berkeley vice-mayor Linda Maio, who said that the Enterprise Zone expansion is, “essential for the regional retention of our jobs and the expansion of jobs.  It’s an urgent matter because Bayer Healthcare directors are poised right now to make a decision whether to make a multi-million dollar investment in our East Bay, … or outsource the entire operation out of state.  The Enterprise Zone will make all the difference.”

Also praising the expansion of the Enterprise Zone were two representatives from the ILWU Local 6 who have over 500 union members working at the Bayer facility.

Here is the video, watch it, it is very illuminating:

Oakland City Council Meeting 7-28-2009 from Max Shenker on Vimeo.

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