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Paul Ryan Comments on Tax Extenders

On April 29 Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan spoke at an event for the Christian Science Monitor. The following a a transcript and video of an exchange with reporters regarding the status of tax extender legislation this year:

Question: There have been a few extender bills sort of trickling out of Ways and Means this year, state and local, R&D. Can we expect more of those, and will a permanent solution to all the extenders be a part of a limited tax reform?

Paul Ryan: Yeah, I think that’s a good question…. We likely will do some more bills out of committee. My goal is to avoid what happened last year, which is on December 11th people found out what the tax policy was going to be for two more weeks. I can’t tell you how many farmers I’ve talked to about section 179. They’re going to make a big purchase, like a $250,000 Case Magnum, or something like that, and they have from December 11 until December 31st to make a decision. That was ridiculous. And so all along, we wanted to show where we’re going, what we want to do to help add to certainty – because we had this uncertainty problem – and so yes, I do believe the extenders can be either part of a limited tax reform package this summer, or, if we just can’t come together with the administration on that, then we immediately move the extenders and do those as early in the fall as possible so we can give people time to prepare and plan. So, sooner rather than later as far as I’m concerned, and you know we’re pretty clear about what we think should be permanent.

Question: Let me make sure I get this, tax extenders as early as this summer, and perhaps by fall?

Paul Ryan: Yeah.

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