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Polling Finds Public Support for Enterprise Zones

A recent survey by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3) found that California voters are largely unfamiliar with the state’s Enterprise Zone Program. Only six percent said they had heard “a lot” about the program and 21 percent said they’d heard “just a little.”

Respondents were then provided with a basic description of the program:

Let me give you some facts about the California Enterprise Zone Program whose basic rationale is to stimulate business development and hiring in economically depressed areas. The Enterprise Zone Program provides tax incentives for businesses to locate and hire in 42 state-designated geographic enterprise zones. In general, enterprise zones are blighted areas that have especially high unemployment rates. Businesses in the Enterprise Zone Program receive tax credits for wages paid eligible employees, tax credits for sales tax on equipment purchased for use in an enterprise zone and favorable tax treatment for business loses.

Asked if they favored or opposed continuation of this program, 66 percent of survey respondents indicated they favored continuation while only 26 percent opposed, with the remaining eight percent saying “don’t know” or “not sure.” A look at the demographics shows broad support that runs across gender, party and ideology lines, and irrespective of geography and ethnicity.

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