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PPIC Survey Results

The Public Policy Institute of California released the results of a new statewide survey this evening. The Sacramento Bee discusses the results in general related the Governor’s budget proposal here.

The complete PPIC report can be found here.

When PPIC asked the question:

Do you favor or oppose phasing out funding for local redevelopment agencies, and eliminating state tax benefits for enterprise zones, in order to redirect that tax revenue to local governments for schools and other local services?

They found that 66% of respondents said that they did favor this proposal. Of course, there are a number of difficulties with this question. The overwhelming majority of citizens have little to no familiarity with redevelopment agencies or the Enterprise Zone program in order to evaluate the consequences of the proposal. Generally, if one asks if a government program about which respondents know nothing should be eliminated in favor of schools, respondents will agree to it. Furthermore, the linkage of redevelopment agencies and Enterprise Zones in the question is not an absolute necessity. Many factors of the policy are not expressed in the question, such as if respondents feel it is necessary for the State to honor promises or agreements it made with local governments or businesses.

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