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While I do get a lot of email from blog readers, not too many post their responses on the blog for others to read. Jay Salyer, the Enterprise Zone manager of the Kings County EZ posted an important response to my post about the Merced County Board of Supervisors meeting:

As Enterprise Zone Manager of the Kings County Enterprise Zone and Economic Development Manager of Kings EDC, I can state categorically that the old Wal-Mart and the new Super Wal-Mart in Hanford are in and will continue to be in the same Kings County Enterprise Zone. There was no tax advantage to the corporation by moving incumbent employees from one store to the other. The clock which starts on the date of the original hire continues ticking, whether they are in the old or new store, whether or not they were laid off and rehired.

It is important to listen to the audio of the comments made regarding Wal-Mart to fully understand the credibility of the charge.

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