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Republican Caucus Response: Stimulate Economy

Here is the press release of the State Senate Republican Caucus reacting to the Governor’s budget proposal released today:

Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill, of Modesto, today issued the following statement after the Governor’s Department of Finance released the 2009-10 budget summary:

“I applaud the Governor for including elements of the Republican budget plan into the proposal released today. During these tough economic times, it makes sense to go back to the voters and ask them to redirect money for their intended purposes, such as children’s health and mental health programs, instead of sitting idly in the bank.

“While Republicans have serious concerns about raising taxes during a recession, we appreciate that the Governor’s proposal includes difficult, but necessary reductions to bring state spending closer in line with revenues.

“Instead of simply asking taxpayers to send more of their hard-earned money to Sacramento we should focus on economic stimulus. Growing and protecting jobs in California has a direct relationship to a robust state treasury. Stimulating our economy should be the Legislature’s top priority and it is unfortunate that the majority party has blocked these common-sense reforms to get more Californians back to work.

“In addition, we need to ensure the state never again faces a deficit of this size by enacting long term structural reforms such as a spending cap and rainy day fund.

“Republicans continue to stand ready to be a part of a responsible budget solution. The Governor’s early release of his budget underscores the magnitude of the state’s budget problems and the need for urgent action in addressing this crisis.”

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