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Republican Convention Adopts Resolution Opposing Elimination of Enterprise Zones

Here is a press release from Californian’s for Jobs and Safe Communities:

(Sacramento, CA)—At the urging of Board of Equalization member George Runner, the California Republican Party this weekend passed a resolution in favor of the successful Enterprise Zone Tax Credit program.

The resolution, which received unanimous support from party members in committee on Saturday, states that Governor Brown has broken his promise to voters by attempting to eliminate one of the most successful job creation programs in California—Enterprise Zones.

“We should be looking for ways to expand this program, not eliminate it,” stated Board of Equalization member George Runner, who also authored the resolution and is a long-time Enterprise Zone supporter. “Enterprise Zones create jobs, employ our returning veterans and save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Brown’s proposal pushes our state closer to a permanent Welfare state by eliminating employer incentives to hire people who were previously struggling to find a job. Just a few short months after promising to create jobs in California, Governor Brown is trying to eliminate one of the most important job-creating program in our state.”

Governor Brown proposed to eliminate Enterprise Zones are part of his January budget proposal. The program’s elimination will not only jeopardize California’s fragile economic recovery, it will result in a significant tax increase on California businesses.

“The Republican Party is continuing to fight for California jobs, and the support for this resolution is another example of our commitment to economic recovery and fiscal solvency. I hope that the governor abandons this ill-fated endeavor and works with the Legislature on finding common sense solutions to our budget deficit,” concluded Runner.

The resolution reads as follows:

Resolution Opposing Governor Brown’s Ill-Conceived Attempt to Eliminate California’s Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Program

Submitted by the Honorable George Runner
For consideration at the Spring Convention of the California Republican Party
Sacramento, California
March 18-20, 2011

Whereas, California businesses are struggling with economic recovery, burdensome regulations and high state taxes in the midst of the national economic downturn keeping unemployment at record high levels.

Whereas, Governor Jerry Brown – elected in November 2010 – promised to spur job creation and make California business friendly now proposes to eliminate one of the most successful programs that actually has created jobs in more than 40 communities across the state: the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Program.

Whereas, California’s landmark Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Program is an economic driver that has been proven to create jobs, spur economic development and keep businesses open.

Whereas, in 2010 the program created or retained more than 118,000 jobs statewide while providing employment opportunities for more than 415 veterans returning home from serving our country.

Whereas, in 2010 the program saved California’s taxpayers an estimated $211 million by providing work instead of welfare and paychecks instead of unemployment benefits to more than 23,000 citizens.

Whereas, the California Enterprise Tax Credit Program and other proven job creators should be expanded, not eliminated.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTY that members of the Legislature vote to oppose the elimination of the California Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Program and look for further ways to expand tax credit programs to spur economic growth.

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