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The relatively new Salinas Valley Enterprise Zone has already begun to make a big impression.  Zone manager Andy Myrick has been gaining exposure and bringing attention to the zone, such as his presentation at the second of the JEDE hearings in San Jose.

The zone has launched a fantastic new website,, that, in Myrick’s words,

has been designed to target information towards particular audiences. For residents, the website offers detailed information regarding claiming the Employee Credit and how the Enterprise Zone can help them find a new job. For businesses, the website offers a detailed explanation of the program and explains how they can take advantage of the programs benefits. For tax preparers, the website offers ways to determine if a business qualifies for benefits and contains all the necessary forms and applications required to take advantage of the benefits, including a new list of all addresses located within the Enterprise Zone’s Targeted Employment Area.

A lot of thought has gone into the usability of the site and the relevance of the information, and as you can see from the following screen-shots, it’s attractively designed:


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