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San Joaquin County Trying to Use EZ Expansion to Lure Jobs

Regardless of how the budget debate unfolds, California communities still need to do the necessary work of attracting businesses. The San Joaquin Enterprise Zone is trying to use an expansion of its zone to keep jobs from leaving. From the Stockton Record:

Elected leaders throughout San Joaquin County in recent weeks have approved small expansions to the sprawling, 656-square-mile special zone that offers state tax credits to employers.

In Stockton, city leaders this month OK’d three small areas for inclusion in the county’s enterprise zone expansion, including a 63-acre cluster of north Stockton parcels south of Eight Mile Road.

Officials said at least a portion of that land is eyed by an undisclosed company considering whether to stay in Stockton or expand elsewhere. They hope the additional economic incentive – on top of a deep development fee reduction the city approved last summer – will keep Stockton in the running.

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