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The impact of SB 341 can be seen as zones that received conditional designations in 2008 are speeding past those designated in 2006 toward final designation. For example, this story in the Stockton Record:

San Joaquin County is putting the finishing touches on its 638-square-mile enterprise zone, which offers manufacturers and employers attractive tax incentives to help generate jobs and boost the regional economy.

The county Board of Supervisors declared Tuesday that establishing the enterprise zone would result in no significant environmental impact.

And Fran Aguilera, San Joaquin County’s economic development director, said his office will submit final maps and descriptions of the zone for state review within the next couple of weeks.

And don’t miss the conclusion of the article:

Aguilera said final boundaries could be set within the next month or two. The new enterprise zone will be in place for 15 years, with possible additions during that time, and should play a major role in attracting new development to the region.

“This represents billions of dollars in tax credits for businesses in our county,” he said.


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