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San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s State of the City Speech: “Start by rejecting the Governor’s proposal to eliminate Enterprise Zones”

From the State of the City address by San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed:

In the near-term, we must work to create jobs in San Jose – and work to keep existing jobs here. Keeping jobs here in Silicon Valley has been a monumental task, made much more difficult by having to compete with cities that get major financial support from their state governments to help companies expand. Over the past ten years, Texas has added more than a million new workers, and Arizona has added nearly 400,000. California? We’ve done worse than zero. California actually lost jobs over the past decade. Governor Brown said that his “intention is to make California again a leader in job creation.”

The state legislature should embrace this goal, and they can start by rejecting the Governor’s proposal to eliminate Redevelopment Agencies and Enterprise Zones, which are our main tools for supporting job creation.

The State of California ought to look to other states and learn how to help the private sector create jobs. That’s what it will take to get revenues growing again so California can climb out of the fiscal quagmire.

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