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Santa Clarita EZ Wins Recognition

Nicely done, Santa Clarita:

The City of Santa Clarita’s Economic Division recently received two Honorable Mention awards from the International Economic Development Council at a conference that was held in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday, October 21.

The awards received were Honorable Mention for the Enterprise Zone Marketing Campaign and Honorable Mention for the Santa Clarita Sponsorship Brochure. At the conference Santa Clarita competed and stood out amongst other organizations serving areas with populations between 50,000 and 200,000.

The award received for Honorable Mention for the Enterprise Zone Marketing Campaign was in honor of the City’s outreach campaign for the Enterprise Zone, a valuable economic development tool used for business attraction, retention, and expansion. The outreach campaign encompassed many multi-media avenues including an interactive website, full color brochure, street pole banners, bus shelter posters, table top displays, flyers, and print and radio advertisements. The City’s outreach campaign also promotes public and private partnerships resulting in job creation, successful businesses, and improved quality of life.

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