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SB 1167: Democrat Senators Supporting Tax Credits

SB 1167, a bill to extend California’s Film tax credits, passed the Senate floor today.

Here is a video of the entire 30 min. plus debate in Senate.

SB 1167 Senate Floor Debate 8/21/2012 from Max Shenker on Vimeo.

It’s fascinating to hear the speeches of multiple Democrat Senators in favor of the film tax credit. Many also urged their colleagues to enact similar tax credits for other industries to help support businesses in the State. Others bemoaned the poor business climate California has created and the myriad of industries that have left the State. Senator Rod Wright in particular (starting at about 16:50 into the video) warned of the direction the State is headed. He said,

You are already losing a billion dollars a year right now on the fuel that people don’t buy in California because it costs too much….In fact the people that make trucks put bigger tanks on the trucks so that you can avoid buying fuel in California because it costs too much. People are designing their business so that they don’t have to play in California. So we’re going to have to make some hard choices soon, because if what we really want is a high tax, industry verboten state, we can have that. But we should tell 15 to 20 million people to get out of California, because you ain’t going to have a job, you ain’t going to have a house, and there won’t be any education for you. If we’re not going to become business friendly, and we want to be an enemy to business – you know what, that’s not a right or wrong decision, but it’s one that we should at least be honest about.

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