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Senator Cardin’s Statement on the WOTC Long-Term Unemployed Category

Senator Cardin (MD) was the co-author (along with Senator Portman) of the amendment accepted into the Finance Committee extender bill which would add a new category to WOTC for hiring long-term unemployed individuals. In a press-release, Senator Cardin said the following about this amendment:

I am very proud of my work to extend the availability of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) to promote the hiring of the long-term unemployed. WOTC has been extremely effective in encouraging employers to take chance on hiring individuals who are difficult to hire and in so doing, dramatically reduced the burden of public assistance with respect to the unemployed. Studies on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit have shown that for every WOTC hire, the federal government saves approximately $17,000 by encouraging the hiring of hard-to-employ individuals.

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