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Enterprise Zone Reform – Significant Amendments to AB 231

Assembly Jobs Committee Chairman Manuel Perez has posted some significant amendments to his Enterprise Zone reform bill AB 231. The following is a summary prepared by the Committee of reforms now included in the bill: Summary of Issues Addressed in AB 231 – The Enterprise Zone Reform Package This summary has been prepared to assist […]

Desert Sun: “Gov. Jerry Brown’s move against state enterprise zones illegal, tax group says”

The Desert Sun has a pair of interesting items today. First is an Op-Ed by Indio,CA Mayor Lupe Ramos-Watson in which she says: From a policy standpoint, the elimination of redevelopment agencies and enterprise zones makes no sense, as they boost our economy and are essential economic recovery tools for the state. There is no […]

BNA: Debate Heats Up Over Governor’s Proposal To End California Enterprise Zone Tax Credit

The following is BNA’s Daily Tax Report comprehensive review of the current debate over the Governor’s proposal to eliminate Enterprise Zones by Laura Mahoney. Reproduced with permission from Daily Tax Report, 32 DTR GG-1 (Feb. 16, 2011). Copyright 2011 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800)-372-1033 Debate Heats Up Over Governor’s Proposal To […]

Stockton Mayor Ann Johnston Holds Press Conference in Support of Enterprise Zones

Here is the story from Stockton Mayor Ann Johnston joined other area leaders today at a coating and finishing plant near Stockton Metropolitan Airport they say has benefited from the tax credits Gov. Jerry Brown wants to eliminate to balance the state budget. The gathering at Premier Finishing was organized to protest the proposed […]

Tax Credits in President Obama’s FY 2012 Budget

President Obama’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2012 has a number of interesting tax credit proposals. Research and Development Credit On page 37 of the President’s Budget Message (216 page PDF), there is a proposal to extend and expand the Research and Experimentation tax credit: Simplify, Expand, and Make Permanent the Research and Experimentation (R&E) […]

USC Professor Swenson Makes His Case

Published in Fox & Hounds Daily: California’s economy needs all the help it can get. It is barely growing. Its unemployment rate, at 12.5%, is the second highest in the nation. Yet in his budget-balancing proposal, Gov. Jerry Brown includes a money-saving idea that, if adopted, would kill a program that keeps more than 1 […]

Dan Morain is Getting Irrational Over Enterprise Zones

Is Dan Morain advocating for a California in which individual civil liberties are so restricted that businesses are not free to make ordinary business decisions? Besides his disconcertment with business seeking profitability, it also sounds like Morain is trying to simultaneously argue that the zone based incentives are bad because they cause businesses to “steal […]

Assemblyman Luis Alejo Press Conference at Green Vehicles in the Salinas Enterprise Zone

Green Vehicles recently opened shop in Salinas California to make environmentally friendly cars in the California Enterprise Zone. Here is a video from CBS San Francisco profiling the company: On Friday, Feb. 11 Assemblyman Luis Alejo held a press conference at the Green Vehicles site to highlight the importance of the Enterprise Zone program and […]

CalTax Concerned About Legality of Enterprise Zone Elimination

From the CalTax letter February 11, 2011: The governor’s proposal to repeal California’s enterprise zone program raises a number of serious policy and legal issues. The enterprise zone program was created in 1984, and has been supported by elected officials across the political spectrum, and across state and local political boundaries. The program provides targeted […]

City Watch: “While the State must begin to repair its disastrous budget problems, eliminating Enterprise Zones will do exactly the opposite of what we need”

Mitchell Englander, Chief of Staff to current CD 12 Councilman Greig Smith and Candidate for LA City Council writes in City Watch: g ago, I was talking with Gerald Olesker, founder and CEO of Architectural Detail Group (ADG), which designs and builds architectural eco-lighting, about the benefits of the State Enterprise Zone program. He told […]

Los Angeles Business Journal: Governor’s Enterprise Zone Proposal Already Causing Business Pause

The Los Angeles Business Journal‘s Howard Fine has a story today on how the Governor’s proposal to eliminate Enterprise Zones is already causing businesses to reevaluate their hiring plans, and how to deal with losses stemming from cancellation of earned carry-forward credits: Not only does Gov. Jerry Brown want to eliminate enterprise zones, he wants […]

SacBee Capitol Alert: Legality of Enterprise Zone Elimination Proposal Questioned

The Sacramento Bee’s Capitol Alert reports this morning that at a budget subcommittee hearing today, lawyers will argue that the Governor’s proposal to eliminate Enterprise Zones violates taxpayers’ Constitutional rights: A legal fight is brewing in the debate over Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal to eliminate enterprise zones. Brown has proposed repealing tax benefits for […]

EZ Reform Legislation

This morning, State Assemblymember V. Manuel Pérez will hold a press conference at a business location in Coachella to announce new legislation related to the Enterprise Zone program. The two bills, AB 231 and AB 232 are a result of nearly two years of work done by the Assemblyman and his Jobs Committee staff. AB […]

Businesses Beginning to Speak Out on Enterprise Zone Proposal

A coalition to save enterprise zones received the following letter from a business operating in the Fresno Enterprise Zone, indicating that businesses are paying close attention to what happens in the budget: “We invested in our business here because of the tax structure offered by the Enterprise Zone program. Eliminating Enterprise Zones now, as proposed […]

San Francisco CBS Radio Report on Enterprise Zone Proposal

San Francisco CBS radio has the following report on the Governor’s proposal to eliminate Enterprise Zones. The audio is embedded below. OAKLAND (KCBS) – Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to eliminate a state tax credit for companies that hire workers within specific neighborhoods would cost the state thousands of jobs, according to business owners who benefit […]

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