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The Twitterverse is Reporting that Budget Talks Have Broken Down

Sacramento based reporters are declaring that budget negotiations between Governor Brown and Republicans have fallen apart. This may be just another in a series of impasses, but based on the scheduling constraints to get a measure on a June ballot, this could be more final.

Contra Costa Times reporter Steven Harmon said:

CAbudget talks are toast. “It’s over,” said top aide to Sen. Bill Emmerson Joe Justin. “We’re disappointed they couldn’t get there.” Justin cont’d: “We really think highly of Gov. Brown. We had highly productive conversations in the governor’s office.” Justin on #CAbudget: We thght we were close. The gov did a lot of heavy lifting. We did a lot of heavy liftng. But this has run its course.

The Los Angeles TimesShane Goldmacher:

Breaking at LAT: Talks between Brown, GOP break down — again. “We gave it our best. We’re very disappointed. It’s done,” said Bill Emmerson.


Cannella issues a statement: “I do not foresee a path to compromise.”

Goldmacher also posted this story on the Times’ political blog.

Marisa Lagos of the San Francisco Chronicle:

Cannella blames “public-employee unions, trial attorneys and other stakeholders” says they were unwilling to compromise.


Gov. Jerry Brown says he has halted budget negotiations with Republican lawmakers in statement.

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