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Transcript of Steve Poizner Comments on EZ Program

From the audio available here:

Lou Desmond: Are you familiar with the program called the Enterprise Zone Program in California?

Steve Poisner: Yes.

LD: Ok, where do you stand on that program and do you want me to, well let me tell the audience a little bit about it; The Enterprise Zone Program is a program, It is the only economic development program currently in the state of California. It is where an area is designated under certain conditions to be a certain way economically depressed and businesses inside that zone get special incentives from the state of California to hire people, buy equipment, and do business. So you’re a supporter of the enterprise zone program, how come?

SP: Well I support any initiative that will help bring more jobs back to the State of California. I support the enterprise zones, but more importantly I want to make the entire state of California attractive for job growth again. That’s why the centerpiece of my campaign are these tax cuts, these bold across the board tax cuts. Now here again Meg Whitman and I have major differences, she doesn’t believe we can afford across the board tax cuts and she’s wrong. We differ on that. So cutting taxes for everybody will create job growth everywhere in California.

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