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Tulare County Seeks A 2009 Zone

According to the Valley Voice:

Tulare County and its cities are applying to the California Department of Housing & Community Development to be designated as an Enterprise Zone.

An Enterprise Zone is a 15-year partnership between local governments, agencies and private companies to generate new private-sector investment and growth by providing state tax credits and other local incentives to businesses.

The Tulare County Economic Development Corporation (TCEDC) is coordinating the effort, which would replace the county’s current Business Incentive Zone (BIZ) designation.

It’s too bad that they are unnecessarily limiting their chances, though:

“Our current designation doesn’t expire until 2012,” Saldana said, but only two Enterprise Zones will be selected then. Four enterprise zones are currently being selected. “There are only 36 enterprise zones that are permitted under state law,” Saldana said.

“If we are not successful this round, we can modify whatever we need to and resubmit it in the next round,” he added.

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