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Video From the 10/19/2009 JEDE Hearing

We have had some technical difficulties getting the video from the 10/19/09 JEDE hearing in San Diego, but the initial bit is in.  This first clip includes all of the introductory remarks before the first panel of presenters.  It includes remarks by the Chairman, Manuel Perez; Jennifer Vanica, President of the Jacobs Foundation; Assemblymember Marty Block; and Assemblymember Mary Salas, and Committee consultant Toni Symonds. Here is the final agenda from that meeting.

At the very end of the clip Mary Salas makes what I find a critical comment:

There were certain points of legislation that were introduced last year that would have significantly changed the way Enterprise Zones operate. So this hearing is very, very important to make sure there are no unintended consequences in what we do, and that the Enterprise Zones continue to operate in a manner that are conducive for job development and job growth and the success of our business community.

Too often the legislative process fails to fully consider these “unintended consequences.”

Here is the video:

JEDE Committee Hearing 10-19-09 Clip 1 from Max Shenker on Vimeo.

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