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Video: JEDE Committee Passes AB 28

Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez presented AB 28 to the Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy (JEDE) Committee on Tuesday. He began, to some laughter, by saying, “So here we go again. Round five. It’s been an interesting ride, folks, but here we are with the hopes that we have finally reached the ‘promised land…’” The bill passed the committee 6-0 with an amendment for an “urgency clause” (which gives the author more time) and several committee members asking to be added as co-authors. There were many speakers in support of Assemblyman Perez’s leadership on the issue, and no speakers in opposition.

Here is a video of the hearing:

AB 28 Passes JEDE Committee 4/23/2013 from Max Shenker on Vimeo.

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