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Video: Senator Steinberg Wants to Shrink Enterprise Zone Program to Pay For Bill

As he has proposed in years past, Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is suggesting using a large part of the Enterprise Zone program to pay for his proposal on education. The current iteration of this bill is SB 594, and at a press conference yesterday, Senator Steinberg answered a question about how to pay for his bill with the suggestion that the Governor has proposed eliminating Enterprise Zones, but that he would rather make changes to the program that free up enough money to pay for his new program. Steinberg acknowledged that many of the people he had brought together to support his education measure would not like the idea of raiding the Enterprise Zones, and he acknowledged that the Enterprise Zone program “does some good, maybe a lot of good in some areas.”

Here is a video of the relevant part of the press conference (the whole thing can be found here.)

Senator Steinberg Press Conference 3-19-13 from Max Shenker on Vimeo.

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