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Video: The Governor’s Extended Interview on NBC LA “News Conference”

Governor Brown appeared on Los Angeles’ NBC4′s “News Conference” show for an extended interview about his budget proposals.

In Part 1 the Governor said, “For many of these Republicans, this is a matter of doctrine. To ask them to let the people vote on taxes, would be like the Pope allowing Catholics to vote on abortion. It’s just unthinkable, it’s a dogma.”

Brown called the idea that public employee unions skuttled negotiations “absolute fiction.” And explaining why talks broke down, the Governor cited two main factors: 1. Republican refusal to budge on a $1 billion tax break for big business [i.e. the single sales factor issue], and 2. a refusal to consider a 5-year extension of the tax increases Brown wants. The Governor said that Senator Huff’s position of only extending the taxes for 18 months was a “non-starter.”

Here is the video for Part 1.

In Part 2 the Governor says, “The truth is that the Republican leader [Senator Bob Dutton] said, ‘No, I’m not going to help you, it’s not my problem, it’s your problem, you’re the majority party,’ so the reason we talked to the other four … is that the leadership showed no interest in any kind of negotiation, they really didn’t.”

On the story that First Lady Anne Guste yelled at Senator Dutton: “Well, if you were talking to Robert Dutton, you would have yelled at him too.”

Here is the video for Part 2:

Here is the video for Part 3:

Here is the video for the final minute:

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