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The Los Angeles Times tells the story of a local textile company that was considering a move to Las Vegas:

Sometimes, what happens in Vegas can stay in Los Angeles.

Or, more specifically, in a vacant industrial building in Sylmar. That will be the new home of a 25-year-old Calabasas business named Drapes 4 Show Inc., which has made linens for Air Force One, swanky hotels, exclusive celebrity weddings and Hollywood movie sets.

The company had been leaving for Las Vegas, where many of its products are used, because it couldn’t find a suitable site for growth. Everything the company looked at in Los Angeles and Orange counties was too small, too expensive or too far from its workers.

But the company that was founded in a schoolteacher’s garage had learned that it pays to look for expert help when problems arise. This time, it came from a $900,000 grant and loan package from the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles, approved by the City Council last week.

It’s interesting that the topic of Enterprise Zones is not raised – parts of the Sylmar area are within the new Los Angeles EZ.

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