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Who Wants to Be a Zone in 2009? Update

A November 5, 2008 City of Palm Springs City Council Staff Report states:

Staff recommends the City Council approve participation in a multi-jurisdiction application to the State’s Department of Housing and Community Development for an Enterprise Zone designation for an area that would include all or part of Desert Hot Springs, a portion of Cathedral City, a portion of the northern tier of Palm Springs, and unincorporated land adjacent to the aforementioned areas.

This collection of jurisdictions would comprise a Western Coachella Valley Enterprise Zone.

The 11/19/08 Agenda for the Los Angeles City Council meeting has a motion to appropriate funds to hire a consultant to prepare an application for a new Los Angeles Harbor Area zone.

In June 2008 the Sacramento City Council passed a resolution to expand the Army Depot zone, but I have not seen a resolution to apply for a new zone yet.

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